Please accept my commendations for the exceptional training Protective Global Security provide during my recent trip to Israel. This training was extraordinary and demonstrated a national model of readiness. Israel is uniquely qualified to provide real life experiences first responders face daily. This trip was a highlight of my public safety career.

Your training has allowed me to experience and develop new concepts about our readiness and response. I have started to implement new practices and equipment changes for our bomb squad during post blast events. I have also engaged other elements of my department to review gaps that were highlighted in the many learning points I experienced in Israel.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the nature of homeland security in Israel.
- Kevin Frazier -
- Bomb Squad Commander
- Montgomery County Maryland
We sent twenty seven of our professionals to Israel last year. It was a diverse group of students from Medical, Emergency Management... - Captain Jennifer Steck - Denver UAS
I have known Mr. Y.S. and those associated with Proactive Global Security since 2004. Along with members of my staff, I have attended four of their training offerings and traveled to Israel for training “in country.” The training content we received was timely, useful and well-presented. It has had a strong, positive impact on our policies and practices regarding operations and contingency planning. Of special benefit has been the training on initial response to violent terrorist acts in urban settings, training on explosive devices, and training on coordinating responses with medical, transportation, and search and rescue agencies. I have highly recommended participation in PGS training offerings to my colleagues in law enforcement. - Paul A. Pastor
- Sheriff of Pierce County
As a professional trainer I highly recommend this training and the methods used by PGS for all disciplines. Nowhere else can you live and... - Michael Guditus - CEMA, MEP/Emergency
Management Specialist, Fairfax County