Frequently Asked questions

Who should attend this course?

The diversity of attendees contributes to the success of their experience. This PGS course is designed for professionals from multiple disciplines and jurisdictions including law enforcement, public safety, emergency management, fire departments, public utility districts, hospital management, and local and national policymakers. Attendees come from agencies from across the United States. Participants are typically division or functional area commanders or specialized agency planning and response officials. This diversity allows participants to have scenario-based discussions about their actual observations.

How does diversity help the experience?

In our class variety of disciplines was represented, including medical professionals. During the course we heard presentations from ICU nurses on their experiences with Mass Casualty Incidents. As it turns out, this was one of the most informative sessions for the entire class. If it had not been for having this discipline represented in our class, we all may have missed a great opportunity to reconsider some of the tenets we believe are true about mass casualty incidents.

Why go to Israel - why not somewhere else, for instance Iraq or Afghanistan?

Contrary to Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel has a terrorist problem that mirrors more closely that of the United States. PGS training in Israel offers participants an opportunity to explore the prevention, detection and response techniques that have benefited Israel most. In addition, Israeli and American culture are quite similar. We share a familiar societal organization and cultural elements that are not found in Iraq and Afghanistan. These similitudes allow students to use the Israeli experience as a laboratory to observe how strategic and tactical changes can be implemented and what their effects are in a similar environment.

Why do I need to travel to Israel to learn about terrorism and homeland security issues given the wide range of DHS courses offered in the US?

There is no way to replicate the benefit of being on the ground in Israel. The ability to observe the actual prevention strategies, ask experts questions in the field and review response tactics by visiting actual hard and soft targets within Israel offers participants an unprecedented degree of understanding. Being in the field allows for exchanges between and among participants and experts and allows scenario-based discussions which reveal States-side techniques and tactics that may not be as effective as perceived. Determining which lessons from Israel can be applied in the United States and meeting this challenge requires observations that can only be made on site in Israel.

Is this a sightseeing trip?

No. While there are naturally many historical sites and tourist attractions in Israel, class activities and the daily course schedule limit the participants’ ability to visit these sites. Nearly all tourist experiences take place after 8:00 PM.


PROACTIVE GLOBAL SECURITY (PGS), founded 2005, is a niche security consulting and training company. We are dedicated to providing world class tailor made consulting services, and producing and presenting an array of expert-driven, DHS-certified, immersion training courses and live presentations to Homeland Security first responders, emergency management, policy-makers and private-sector business interests concerned about the real and present threat of crime and terrorism to their populations, employees and businesses throughout the world.

Our Staff

Our team is comprised of talented, professional veterans of various Israeli security agencies and first responders, with many years experience in all major disciplines. All have served until recently and are still been deployed in missions in the areas of their expertise. They offer current “battle proven” methods and doctrines, as well as the last updated case studies, methods for integration of disciplines between departments and agencies.

What We Do

We live in a world where new and more advanced capabilities are needed to counter crime and terrorism. To deal with it, PGS offers efficient, practical and cost-effective DHS-certified training programs that are friendly to budgets and increase operational capabilities. All PGS programs are tied directly to the Target Capabilities List (TCL) and utilize the Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP) to ensure consistency, sustainability and grant eligibility.

We train updated best practices and lessons learned for first responders, security and risk(?) management personnel, for the private and business sectors, on the topics of:

  • Terrorism and crime detection and prevention, the ties between the criminal and terrorism arenas
  • Crime scenes management for first responders
  • Active Shooter prevention and extraction tactics
  • Bomb squad current experience and lessons learned
  • Proactive intelligence vs. crime and terrorism

All training meets DHS standards and can be funded through the following grant programs:

  • UASI (Urban Areas Security Initiative)
  • PSG (Operation Stone Garden)
  • MMRS (Metropolitan Medical Response System) grant programs.
  • HSGP (State Homeland Security Program)
  • LETPA-UASI (Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activity)
  • TSGP (Transit Security Grant Program)