Management Team

Martain Kleinman is CEO of Texas Oil & Gas PLC and also President of Falcon Energy Group,LLC Mr. Kleinman has more than 20 years of commercial financial experience. In 1940 Midtown Factors was founded by Mr. Kleinman's grandfather and then operated by his uncle for 68 years. Midtown Factors was one of the largest commercial factors in New York. Mr. Kleinman had a License 3 Commodity Broker from 1981 to 1991 and worked at DLJ Securities, Thmoson & McKinnon, Advest. In 1993, Mr. Kleinman started raising capital for the private oil business operators in Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Kentucky. For 18 years Mr. Kleinman has raised private capital, and brings 35 years of business experience in oil and gas partnerships. Mr. Kleinman grew up on Long Island, New York and went to the University of New Mexico and Adelphi University. He holds a degree in accounting and finance and an MBA.

Rick Bell of Rebell Oil of Kentucky, LLC, has worked and lived in Kentucky for 48 years. He owns and operated over $6 million worth of equipment and holds leases on over 9,000 acres valued at over $15 million. With current prices and reserve estimates it could reach $1.5 billion. Mr. Bell has over 26 years of drilling experience in the western Kentucky region (
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