How Our Debt Settlement Program Works

Our debt relief program can be very effective if you choose to commit to it and see it through successful completion.  Here are the steps you need to take to your debt-free future.

How Our Debt Relief Program Works5 Easy Steps To Follow To Live DEBT FREE:

First: Call or e-mail us for a no-fee analysis.  We will assess your financial situation and determine your potential for debt reduction.   We will consult with you to understand your goals and evaluate your creditors, and design a customized program that fits your needs.

Second: We will work with you to determine an affordable monthly payment which will be saved and used to negotiate your outstanding debt. This monthly amount may be significantly less than your current minimum payments and will be applied toward resolving your debt (not simply paying credit card interest charges). These monthly funds will be saved every month in a new account that you have full control of.  Once you establish an affordable monthly program payment, you will get an estimate of your savings potential and program length.  Most programs average between two and three years, although individual results may vary.

Third: After your funds have accumulated we will contact your creditors to negotiate your outstanding debt balances.  During this settlement and resolution phase of your program we will stay in touch with you and keep you informed of any changes in your situation.

Fourth: You will be asked to authorize each settlement once it is successfully negotiated with your creditor.

Fifth: After the full settlement amount is paid, your creditors may report to the credit rating bureaus that you have settled your accounts with them. You will have zero balance on these accounts. You may be required to report the amount of debt forgiven on your tax return.  You should consult your tax advisor whether the insolvency provision is applicable to you.