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During these turbulent economic times and high unemployment rates, more and more consumers are seeking help with credit card debt. We are here to offer you an alternative solution to bankruptcy. Whatever the reason for your financial strain, we can work with you and put you in a payment program that you can afford to maintain. We negotiate with your creditors and encourage them to accept a discounted settlement payment.

If you possess several credit cards, you can have a significant amount of debt. If you only make the minimum payments, chances are that you will end up paying over 20% interest on each card and it could take you decades to pay down.

Enrolling in our debt settlement program may be the most desirable option and the least expensive way for you to get out of debt. Debts are negotiated in an orderly manner as agreements are reached with each of your creditors. The program takes about 12-48 months and is completed when all debts in the program have been settled.

Debt settlement is an effective, legitimate alternative for people struggling to cope with mounting debt. By enrolling in our debt settlement program, you can reduce your collection calls to a great extent and moreover, avoid bankruptcy. Our team of professional debt negotiators will deal with your creditors or collection agencies, and help you pay off debt easily.

If you are not completely insolvent, our debt settlement program may be your best option.

Reduce Your Debt By Up to 60%

We can help you reduce your debt by 40 – 60% and get you out of debt in as little as one year. Some of the key benefits of our debt relief program include:

  • Eliminate Up To 60% Of Your Debt
  • Combine All Your Payments Into One Affordable Monthly Program Payment
  • Eliminate Collection Hassles
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • No Credit Checks Are Required
  • Get Approved Fast
  • Become Debt Free in as little as 12 – 36 Months
  • FREE Debt Consultation with No Obligation