News Articles: Hurricane Sandy

As Recovery Continues, City’s Death Toll Reaches 38

The number of New York City fatalities from Hurricane Sandy jumped to 38 on Thursday, including two young boys who were swept from the arms of their mother on Staten Island and found dead at the swampy end of a street, the police said.

The mother, Glenda Moore, told the police that her sons, Connor, 4, and Brandon, 2, were swept away on Monday shortly after 6 p.m. as the storm arrived. The mother and children had been leaving Staten Island, heading for Brooklyn, as their car was disabled by water, the police said. Ms. Moore, 39, got out of her car with her two sons, near Father Capodanno Boulevard, when a surge of water caused her to lose grip of her children, the police said....READ MORE!

Sandy’s Wind and Fire Leave Queens Residents Homeless

Matt Long poked around the sooty ground in front of the charred remains of his home of 15 years.

Nothing inside survived the post-Hurricane Sandy fire that ravaged the beachfront hamlet of Breezy Point, New York. Long and his wife, Mary, were trying to salvage the only keepsakes they could: octagonal stones, each six inches across. One bore the handprint of 10-year-old Grace, the other was made by 8- year-old Emily....READ MORE!

As floodwaters rose in Breezy Point during Hurricane Sandy, trapped volunteer firefighters turned to a higher power.

As floodwater rushed into a clubhouse where they sought shelter, a group of Breezy Point firefighters and residents prayed for a miracle. 'It sounds crazy, but the water started to recede,' one hero said...READ MORE!

Hurricane Sandy: Barrier Islands In New Jersey Are Scenes Of Devastation.

MANTOLOKING, N.J. — New Jersey's delicate barrier islands, long and slender strips of land cherished by generations of sunbathing vacationers and full-time residents alike, are a hazardous wasteland of badly eroded shore, ruined beachfront homes, flooded streets and damaged utilities.

The full extent of the devastation on the island that hosts MTV's "Jersey Shore" came into sharper focus Wednesday, and it wasn't a pretty sight. Signs of the good life that had defined wealthy enclaves like Bayhead and Mantoloking lie scattered and broken: $3,000 barbecue grills buried beneath the sand and hot tubs cracked and filled with seawater...READ MORE!

Hurricane Sandy Jersey Shore Survivors Left Cold And In The Dark.

ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- Before the storm, Kimberly Brooks went to the store and bought some extra food. Now her fridge stinks.

“I wasn’t thinking it was gonna be like this,” she said.

On Wednesday afternoon, Brooks, 32, found herself standing outside a fire station with several dozen other Asbury Park residents whose power hasn’t come back on since Hurricane Sandy swept through town. They were using an outlet on the firehouse wall to charge their cell phones...READ MORE!

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