About International Children's Center

Our organization has been collaborating efforts worldwide for a lengthy twenty five years. We have a track record of providing community support in times of need, when it is needed most. Although our organization branches externally of the United States we have decided to focus primarily on our local communities.
The International Children's Center prides itself on its intensive focus on young individuals currently growing up in our local communities. Thus, we keep our minds on tasks which in end result benefit our youth and promote future prosperity. Previously, we have had programs aiding talented children with scholarship money for recreational and educational activities. Some concrete examples would be scholarships for singing lessons, dancing lessons, academic tutoring, sports trainers, and many more.

Due to recent provided circumstances, we have shifted our current focus to events associated with a worldwide phenomenon known to most; Hurricane Sandy. This disaster of nature has taken a toll on each and every one of us. Whether directly or indirectly affected by Sandy's widespread reach, it is in our best communal interest to help others out in this great time of regional interdependence. Not only did we shift focus for communal interest, but to set an example for our youth. We must all work together to demonstrate to our future generations the values and principles of society. In this time of despair, it is vital to show compassion for our neighbors, and set an influential precedent for our children. We ask you to help us make a difference. A smile goes a long way, a donation goes even further.

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