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A Professional Social Media Marketing Company

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Go Pro Social Media was founded by a team of online marketing experts with over 10 years of experience servicing small- and medium-sized business owners. We pride ourselves with a level of customer service, reliability, and results that cannot be match.

Social media steadily became a part of our everyday routine; and we recognized the level of impact it has on day to day business. While most marketing professionals overlooked this vital marketing industry, we have combined our years of experience, resources, marketing strategies, and no-how to make what we call “a recipe for success”.  Social media is proving to be a force that cannot be ignored. It can be a very effective tool to get your brand and message to the masses. However, if not used or managed effectively, these sites can be the cause of missed sales and lost revenue.

What is a Social Media Manager?
A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. The role is similar to that of a community manager on a website forum or public relations representative. Social media managers are often found in the marketing and public relations departments of large organizations.

Our social media managers will work with you to understand your business plan and put together a detailed social media marketing plan that will work best for you. You will have a professional team of experts literally working days, nights and weekends to manage, monitor and grow your business’s social media presence.

You can finally rest easy knowing that your social media is being done the right way by your business’s own dedicated team of experienced social media professionals. You’ll now have more time to focus on running your business, while Go Pro Social Media works around-the-clock on your social media to continue growing your business.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation with one of our Go Pro Social Media experts to find out if you are using social media to your full advantage.

Boost exposure, boost recognition, and sales will follow.

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Our Approach!

Our Company Mission Statement!

At Go Pro Social Media, “A Professional Social Media Marketing Company”, our mission is to help small businesses grow exponentially through the power of social media.  We do this by using our considerable internet & social media skills to manage, support, maintain and enhance the online presence of businesses through the vast power of Social Media. We pride ourselves by providing businesses with the highest quality services and to deliver excellence in everything we do, especially customer service.

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