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What is Podiatry?
Podiatry is the profession which specialises in the treatment and care of the foot and lower limb.

How can Podiatry help me?
Feet help us balance and carry us the equivalent of five times round the earth in an average lifetime. Good foot health reduces pain, aids mobility, improves tissue viability and makes us feel better. Visiting a podiatrist can contribute to improving your quality of life and maintaining your mobility.

Initial visit, what can I expect?
A full medical history will be taken and you will be asked to provide a list of the medications you are taking. As necessary, vascular and neurological assessments will be taken to aid treatment or diagnosis. You will be thought how to properly measure and fit yourself for proper footwear. What footwear is right for your foot type?


Foot assessment poor circulation evaluation loss of feeling in the feet after examination qualifying for proper foot wear. These specially designed shoes relieve areas of pressure that may lead to breakdown of the skin and create ulcers (wounds). They cushion and stabilize the foot to relieve pain and create greater stability when walking. Our Centers offer custom, orthopedic shoes which are measured and selected right in our offices.

A trained technician guides the patient through the process. Both men’s and women’s sizes are available in a variety of styles for both casual and work related activities. Insurance benefits often pay for the purchase of this footwear. Our footwear is VERY light in weight have elongated counters extreme comfort inserts that are removable.