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DearFeet has a large selection and is one of the premier vendors of comfort/special need shoes for the less fortunate and well below poverty level.

Most individuals have coverage through private insurance (39 percent) or Medicare (44 percent). Sixty percent of diagnosed diabetics under the age of 65 were insured by Medicaid and most likely to be from low income backgrounds. Diabetics covered in the private insurance market generally belong to employer-sponsored group health plans or individual health plans. Employer-sponsored group health plans cover most services because coverage is subsidized and often offer higher protection. Those under age 65 whose job or family member's do not offer such coverage usually must rely on different organizations like DearFeet. They may have difficulties finding affordable treatment and education that will help them, especially if they have a pre-existing chronic disease such as diabetes.

If you spend most of your time on your feet, or even if you don't, your feet deserve attention. There are many people who exercise regularly and still don't spend enough time to care for their feet. Your foot does get exposure that requires maintenance since your health has a lot to do with footing.

In communities across the world, there is a growing need and responsibility to provide options that give people the opportunity to walk—to walk more often, to walk to more places, and to feel safe while doing so. The benefits of walking—whether for utilitarian or recreational purposes—can be expressed in personal health, enhanced quality of life, economic rewards, as well as others. DearFeet gives people that are less fortunate the opportunity to ambulate in a healthier lifestyle.

-Promoting walking and physical activity throughout the community
-Finding funding to support and sustain the improvements long-term
-Educating the community on the importance of foot care
-Designing and engineering accessible facilities

By promoting walking, DearFeet plants the seeds for initiating change by creating awareness about pedestrian issues and alerting others to the benefits of walking and the ways that walkable places foster healthier, more livable communities. Our facilities examines concepts for Proper Foot Wear related to walking and provides ideas and strategies for promoting walking in your community.

Having the backing to invest in improvements and programs is essential to any community or organization. DearFeet strategizes to garner long term political and financial support for patients and facilities and other programs through institutionalization. DearFeet examines several key funding sources—governmental, private, and others—at various community levels.